Religion is an important part of Egyptian society, and so it goes without saying that the Covid-19 pandemic was felt by all. Its effect was profound, not just biologically and economically, but spiritually too. The good news though is that places of worship throughout Egypt are now able to begin opening their doors to worshippers once more. With the help of SHIELDme™, you’re one step closer to normality.

The Non-Toxic Disinfectant and Safe Hand Sanitizer

With religion deeply rooted in Egyptian culture, places of worship are considered a necessity of life. Yet despite being seen as such, they are sadly an ideal environment for viruses to spread. As Covid-19 is transmitted in this manner, places of worship such as mosques were forced to close their doors. With things starting to look up, this trend might be about to end.

At SHIELDme™, we’ve developed a market-leading, FDA-approved, high-level disinfectant and organic hand sanitizer. Both these products are for use across a whole range of industries, and in any environment where chemical-based alternatives would be unsuitable. To ensure that places of worship in Egypt remain virus-free, we’ve developed this formula in-line with other useful products.

With SHIELDme™ by your side, you’ll be in a position to welcome back worshippers by ensuring a safe environment in which to pray.

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Readying Your Place of Worship for the “New Normal”

Access to Wudhu Areas Must Not be Permitted

One-Way System to be Enacted

Employ the Use of Separate Entrances/Exists

Prayer Spaces Must Abide by Social Distancing Measures

Pray Outdoors if Possible

Where Possible, Keep Windows Open

Carry Out the Required Deep Cleaning

Disinfect Surfaces as You Go

Provide Preachers with PPE

Ensure PPE is Disposed of Correctly After Use

Disinfect Communal Areas (including all carpets)

Sanitize Microphones Between Each Use

Establish a Rigorous Cleaning Routine

Taking Steps to Ensure Places of Worship Remain Free of Harmful Pathogens

Covid-19 has proven to be a rather prolific illness that’s taken the world by surprise. Spread through airborne respiratory droplets, the virus is easily transmitted from person to person, especially in enclosed spaces. Unfortunately, the layout of most places of worship as well as the religious practices they play host to would’ve simply made it too easy for the virus to spread. The solution was to close such venues.

While the virus is still active, there are now procedures, guidelines, and products to help mitigate its presence. Our SHIELDme™ non-toxic disinfectant and safe hand sanitizer are two such products that have been shown to be very effective at protecting against Coronavirus. And because the product is entirely natural, it’s completely harmless to humans.

SHIELDme safe
SHIELDme eco friendly
SHIELDme non alcoholic
SHIELDme natural
SHIELDme kills bacteria
KILLS 99.9% OF

When broken down, the formula consists of a couple of star ingredients – super oxidized water and hypochlorous acid (HOCl). While super oxidized water is a novel solution used in wound care, it’s the HOCl where all the magic happens. Hypochlorous acid is produced by our white blood cells to help fight infection. Being naturally produced by our own bodies, it goes without saying that it’s harmless to us.

In fact, it can even be ingested or used around children, pregnant women, the elderly, and even pets without any ill side effects. It won’t impact air quality and dissipates quickly without leaving an unsightly residue. It’s chemical-free, alcohol-free, non-toxic, a non-irritant, and non-corrosive. That means it can be used safely on the skin or any surface. And it’s lethal against 99.99% of harmful pathogens.
For Imams throughout Egypt, it’s the secret to making safe any place of worship. It eradicates most bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and spores instantly on contact. And that’s not all; it can even be combined with some of our other technologies too. Plus, we have a whole host of other products which can help protect worshippers while they pray.

Such products include:

Sanitizing Tunnels

Fever Detection Towers

Electric Cold Foggers

Automatic Sanitizer Dispensers

Protective Face Masks

PPE Kits

Provide a Safer, Cleaner Environment with our Disinfectant Fogger

As with any large space, it can be difficult to clean every square inch, especially where there’s a lot of furniture and objects located. Consider how small pathogens are – they can lurk on almost any surface, even those that are out of reach. Traditional methods of cleaning are lengthy and won’t guarantee results. But our electric cold foggers will.

The SHIELDme™ Disinfectant Fogger makes quick work of any room, no matter its size, shape, or how much stuff it holds. With a generous 5L capacity to work with, you’ll have ample amounts of our high-level disinfectant to do what needs to be done. The sprayer design makes delivering the formula quick and easy. The disinfectant is vaporized as a fog or mist, so it can get into even those hard-to-reach spots.

Upon contact, it will eliminate 99.99% of harmful pathogens, and because it dissipates quickly, no drying is needed. The fogger is electrically powered, so you won’t have to manually pump the formula to prime the nozzle before firing. With a simple press of a button, an entire room can be sanitized from top-to-bottom. It dramatically cuts down the time it takes while significantly increasing the success rate.

Key features of our electric cold foggers include:

5L Capacity

Air Pressure Auto-Locking Spray Head

Rotating Sprayer

6-8m Spray Distance

Portable Design

No Chemical Odor Left Behind

Place Down a SHIELDme™ Tower to Keep Your Place of Worship Pathogen-Free

There’s little point in sanitizing your mosque only to then open the doors and have more pathogens traipsed inside. So, what do you do to stop this? One of the main symptoms of Covid-19 is an elevated temperature accompanied by a fever. If you can spot this, you can prevent infected individuals from entering the mosque and endangering others. The SHIELDme™ Tower can help with this.

Each tower can be placed at any entrance, so anyone looking to walk inside must pass by it. Every person stands in front for a few seconds while a non-contact IR thermometer takes their temperature. If the reading is negative, the individual must then use the built-in automated hand sanitizer before entering the building. If the reading is positive, an alarm will sound, and the individual will be advised to return home to self-isolate and seek assistance if necessary.

Every tower is fully automated and provides rapid-fast fever detection. They have an operating temperature of 10oC to 40oC and a standby battery mode in case of a power failure. Simply by employing the use of a tower, you can provide added protection for your mosque.

Other Advice to Consider When Re-Opening

We fully understand just how eager people are to get places of worship in Egypt back up and running again. Religion is such an important part of the local culture; its absence has been sorely felt. Our SHIELDme™ products are a vital weapon in the fight against Covid-19, but they aren’t the only steps you must take to keep your worshippers safe.

For instance, social distancing measures must be observed with markers placed out to remind people of how far apart they must stand. Prayer mats should also be spaced apart, and face protection worn while inside the mosque at all times. Worshippers and preachers should also make use of a reusable shoe bag to help keep the presence of pathogens to an acceptable minimum.

In Islam, the ablution rite is a common practice in which individuals cleanse themselves before prayer. Yet, this places unnecessary risk on all attendees. As such, the ablution rite must be carried out at home before prayer, and not in the mosque. Handshaking must also be avoided during this difficult time, and automated hand sanitizers provided to ensure cleanliness.

Other steps involve keeping the Khutbah short, and regularly sanitizing all door handles, tables, and microphones. By following these steps, utilizing SHIELDme™ products, and sticking to a Covid-19 checklist, you’ll be creating a safer spiritual environment for your worshippers and preachers.