There’s no denying that one of the hardest-hit industries by Coronavirus was hospitality. When Covid-19 took hold, hotels throughout Egypt were forced to close their doors. And with no other source of earning revenue, many have faced difficult times these last few months. Finally, restrictions are easing, and hotels are beginning to open their doors once more. At SHIELDme™, we’ve developed a range of products to assist hotel owners during this transition to the “new normal”.

All-Natural Disinfectant and Organic Hand Sanitizer

Covid-19 has changed the way we operate as a society – with social distancing a major factor now, establishments such as hotels are changing the way they function. Egypt’s hotels were hit just as hard as ones around the world, so it’s a relief now that restrictions appear to be easing. We must stay on top of the virus, however; and that’s where our high-level disinfectant and hand sanitizer comes into play.

Our formula is chemical-free, alcohol-free, non-toxic, a non-irritant, non-corrosive, and entirely, 100% natural. Eco-friendly disinfectant options don’t come much better than ours, and with other technologies available too, SHIELDme™ has your hotel, guests and staff covered.

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High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 100ML Spray Type

Spray Type Sanitizer, Pocket size

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS.

Perfect for Disinfecting Hands, Papers, Mobile, Laptops, PCs, Bags & all personal goods.

High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 500ML

Effective in germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus prevention at 99.99%

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS.

Safe for new born babies, pregnant women and pets.

High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 1L

Effective in germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus prevention at 99.99%

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS

Safe for new born babies, pregnant women and pets.

High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 5L

Neutral with pH and free of alcohol, fragrance and preservatives.

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS

Safe for new born babies, pregnant women and pets.

High Level Disinfectant & Sanitizer - 250ML Spray Bottle

Effective in germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus prevention at 99.99%

100% natural product, ecofriendly and HARMLESS.

Safe for new born babies, pregnant women and pets.

Readying Your Hotel for Guests

Equip All Employees with PPE

Set Out 2m Markers

Rearrange Seating Areas


Place Sanitizer in Each Room

Limit Number of Bookings

Carry Out a Deep Clean

Disinfect All Furniture

Deep Clean all Carpets and Flooring

Place Sanitizer Dispensers Throughout the Building

Disinfect All Towels Between Use

Introduce Disposable Cutlery

Disinfect Check-In Desks and Reception Areas

The Steps Needed to Get Your Hotel Covid-19 Safe

The hospitality industry was greatly affected by the restrictions put in place. Unable to offer alternative services, many hotels saw their income drop, in some cases, to zero. Even when they begin to re-open again, hotels will need to ensure they are taking steps to keep guests and employees safe. At SHIELDme™, we’ve developed our natural disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer to do just that.

Our disinfectant is based on a formula that’s non-toxic, non-corrosive, a non-irritant, chemical and alcohol-free. So how does this amazing, 100% natural formula stop pathogens in their tracks? Simple – our bodies produce hypochlorous acid (HOCl) – specifically, our white blood cells produce this substance to help with fighting infections as well as the healing process. Our disinfectant contains a mixture of HOCl and super oxidized water.

SHIELDme safe
SHIELDme eco friendly
SHIELDme non alcoholic
SHIELDme natural
SHIELDme kills bacteria
KILLS 99.9% OF

Because hypochlorous acid occurs naturally within us, it is completely harmless – even if ingested. It can be used safely all throughout your hotel in Egypt, even in restaurant areas and kitchens. It can be used safely in all environments, even where children, pregnant women, elderly guests, and pets might be present. And because it’s non-corrosive, it won’t cause any damage and dissipates quickly, so no drying is needed, and no residue is left behind.

Despite being organic, our FDA-approved organic disinfectant and natural hand sanitizer are lethal to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, and spores. It will make an effective addition to any cleaning routine, ensuring that your hotel is left completely sanitized from top-to-bottom.

Our sanitizer can be combined with other SHIELDme™ technologies for maximum benefit; technologies such as:

Automatic Sanitizer Dispensing Units

KN95 Filtering Face Piece Respirators

Disinfectant Foggers

Protective Masks

Fever Detection Towers

Sanitizing Tunnels

Shield Your Guests and Staff with Our Fever Detection Tower

An issue faced by hotels is how do you maintain a safe environment with guests and staff coming and going? The solution is the SHIELDme™ Tower – each tower comes with a built-in non-contact IR thermometer which can scan for elevated temperatures in a matter of seconds. As Covid-19 is associated with a fever, this is invaluable in detecting signs of illness quickly.

The tower itself is sleek and compact, so can be easily positioned at hotel entrances. A guest or employee stands in front of the scanner, which takes their temperature. If the all-clear is given, they can then sanitize their hands using the built-in dispenser. If an elevated temperature is detected, an alarm will sound. At which point, the individual can be denied entry and advised to return home, self-isolate, and contact the local medical authorities.

And with the inclusion of the automated dispenser, each tower permits the user to sanitize their hands before entering the hotel. This provides protection for all those inside and makes it that much easier to maintain a hygienic environment for all to enjoy.

Keep Your Hotel Guests Safe with Our SHIELDme™ Sanitizing Tunnel

While our SHIELDme™ Tower ensures nobody infected with the virus enters the building, our sanitizing tunnels ensure that no contaminants are brought in unintentionally. Guests and staff are coming and going all day, and who knows what they’ll bring in on their clothes, possessions, skin, hair, etc. Covid-19 is an airborne virus that can be transmitted through respiratory droplets. So, precautions are necessary.

Our sanitizing tunnels consist of a long passageway with a hose line running the full length. The hose line contains an array of nozzles which are motion-sensor activated. A person steps through and they are sprayed with a vaporized version of our high-level disinfectant. The formula is delivered as either a fog or mist whereby it eliminates any harmful pathogens on contact. It dissipates fast, so no drying is needed. And a collection tray underneath catches any excess disinfectant.

As with our bottled disinfectant, our sanitizing tunnels eradicate 99.99% of harmful pathogens. Each tunnel is equipped with a large-scale disinfectant fogging system that’s driven by reliable hydraulics. This ensures a complete dispersal for maximum coverage. And because our solution contains no chemicals, there won’t be any lingering chemical odor.

The tunnel can be installed at your entrance with a SHIELDme™ Tower positioned either just before or just after the tunnel. The tunnel is safe for all, including children, pregnant women, the elderly, and pets. By having the tunnel installed, it will greatly reduce the number of harmful pathogens being brought into the hotel. A summary of the key features of our tunnels can be found below:

100L Capacity

Automated Organic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Non-Contact IR Temperature Measurement Device

360o Spinner Wheel

Catch Tray for Easy Clean-Up

Additional Advice and Guidelines for Making Your Hotel Covid-19 Ready

Our incredible range of SHIELDme™ products, headlined by our eco-friendly disinfectant and natural hand sanitizer, will provide hotel owners with much-needed peace of mind. Disinfecting spaces becomes a breeze as too does keeping pathogens and infected individuals from entering the establishment. But there are other steps which you can take to keep your guests and staff safe.

For cleaning inside your hotel, we recommend our SHIELDme™ Disinfectant Fogger. Each fogger is much like our sanitizing tunnels; only it’s a portable device with a 5L capacity, a rotating sprayer head, and fully flexible hose. This device can deliver our formula in a vaporized form up to 6-8m. The vapor makes its way into all those hard-to-reach areas, making cleaning rooms of any size quick and easy.

Other steps which can be taken include the insistence that customers and staff wear face coverings while inside the hotel communal areas. Social distancing should, of course, be enforced, and markers placed out as well as signs to remind people to distance and sanitize their hands regularly. Automated dispensers should also be made available for people to do just that.

You should also take steps to limit the number of bookings to keep the number of guests moving through your hotel at a more manageable level. And you should have a Covid-19 checklist handy to help you keep track of the steps you’re taking and the steps that still need to be taken. So long as you do all this, you can make your hotel Covid-19 ready and start welcoming back your guests and employees.